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Room 389

Room 389 is a laid back bar and cafe located right by Lake Merritt on Grand Avenue. This is the kind of place where you can go and do work with your cup of coffee during the day, and come back for a few drinks with friends at night. The space has indoor and outdoor seating…. Read more »

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You may just meet Mrs. Robinson

  If you’re looking for a small dive bar with friendly service and excellent people watching, The Graduate in Rockridge is a great place to go. With delicious specials and reasonable prices this is a fun bar to go out to and just hang out with friends. There is nothing too fancy about this bar, but… Read more »

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It’s not like I remember it in college…

  The Ramen Shop is a small menu restaurant that was started by a couple of Chez Panisse  alumni not too long ago in the Rockridge area that serves delicious noodles and scrumptious drinks. Beware however, that it is definitely an “in” place to go for dinner right now and as they do not take… Read more »