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Beau Facial and Massage Therapy is an incredible salon that specializes in Dermalogica skin care and massage body therapy. I can not actually speak to the body work side of the business (although let’s hope for a follow up post about that), but Kai is the skin care expert who truly knows what he is doing. As a child of a hair dresser who has had the opportunity to try just about every service for skin care that is available, I can honestly say that Kai is an extremely knowledgeable professional who is passionate about skin care and gets results without pushing you to a dermatologist and harsh prescription solutions. I have struggled with acne for most of my adult life and have tried almost every pill, cream, and wash and either only were a temporary solution or did not really work at all. I went into see Kai for a chemical peel a month ago and my skin has already improved drastically. He is also always willing to do a quick follow up with you to make sure that his treatments are working the way you and he want them to and to figure out where to go next at no charge.

In terms of atmosphere, the building from the outside doesn’t look like much, it is one of the fairly run down office buildings on Grand Avenue, but once you walk in the office door there is a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation about the space. It is mostly wood with beautiful orchids, lots of candles, and photographs of places like Tahiti that make you want to be on vacation…or transport you  to that mindset for just a little while.

The other great thing about Beau is that they have discounts and promotions to help make their services more affordable. They have weekday specials, discount packages, and first time client pricing making it definitely worth it to give it a try and see if they can provide you the services you are looking for. So, if you have been looking for a talented skin care professional use that first-timer discount and give Beau a try, you will not be sorry you did.


Beau Facial and Massage Therapy

3345 Grand Avenue Ste. 1                                                                                                                                                                                                          Oakland

Written by Lesley

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