We are reaching the end of our February favorites series and I am particularly excited about the list today as it’s mine!  Today I get to talk about what I think the ten best places in Oakland are. I feel like I have raved about most of them on here anyways, but there are a few new ones and it’s always fun to talk about places that make me happy.

This has been such a fun series to moderate and share with all of you. I hope that you have found some new favorites in Oakland, or even just re-discovered old loves. Let me know what some of your favorite Oakland places to frequent are. I love exploring new places and having excuses to go to old favorites. With no more adieu here are, at least in my opinion, the ten best places in Oakland: (Or at least the ones that make me smile the most).

1.  Boot And Shoe

Boot and Shoe Service– This is my go to coffee spot and basically my home away from home. Great food and awesome people.

3308 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610

2.  url

Piedmont Theater They play many more of the independent films than some of the other theaters and the neighborhood feel is so nice.

4186 Piedmont Ave, Oakland CA 94611

3.     l

Geta Sushi– Great tiny to-go sushi place. It’s hard to eat there as it’s super small but getting it to-go is so easy and delicious!

165 41st St, Oakland CA 94611

4.    photo 08-57-41

Box and Bells– This bar, though fairly new, has an old-time charm to it that is just so fun. And they have beautifully crafted drinks and delicious “bar” food.

5912 College Ave, Oakland CA 94618

5.    homeroom

Homeroom Breadcrumbs. Just…get the breadcrumbs.

400 40th St, Oakland CA 94609

6.     Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 9.27.53 AM

Make Westing For great drinks, fun crowds, and bocce ball!

1741 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94612

7.  photo

Ramen Shop Incredible, farm fresh ramen. Yummy drinks and great bartenders. Most importantly, black sesame ice cream.

5812 College Ave, Oakland CA 94618

8.  Beautys_Slideshow_4

Beauty’s Bagle Shop We’re all a little bit hipster…and sometimes you need lox on a Montreal style bagel with a side of local artwork.

3838 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94609

9.  url

High Wire Coffee Roasters/Market Hall For the friendliest service and fantastic local coffee.

5655 College Ave, Oakland CA 94618

10.   the star

The Star The cornmeal in the crust makes all the difference…and the dollops of ricotta cheese too.

3425 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610

Written by Lesley

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