In the last of our February Favorites series, here is Yoshi, the owner and founder of Yoshi’s in Jack London Square (and in San Francisco too…) talking to Visit Oakland about her favorite things in Oakland. I have the privilege of having spoken with Yoshi at a dance class we both used to take, and her love of music and life is so infectious. People like her remind me how awesome Oaklanders truly are.

Taking this last month to look at all the things we love about Oakland has allowed me to reflect on what a great place it is that we live. I am so excited for the year to come and all of the things to explore here. Please let us know of your latest adventures. We are excited to share ours.

Next month we will be celebrating the Irish and the greatness that is Saint Patty’s Day by taking a look at the beer culture in Oakland and the East Bay, and all the great places there are to enjoy local or specialty deliciousness. Hope to have you along!

Written by Lesley

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