The summer of Rio is upon us and World Cup fever has started. This is the time where full-fledged futbol enthusiasts and soccer newbies come together to cheer on their favorite teams and watch the drama unfold on and off the field (you know, if there are fields to play on).

While it’s true that the US team’s chances aren’t the greatest this year, there are so many awesome teams and lots of action to be seen. Maybe we’ll have another underdog slip into the final rounds, maybe the US will annihilate Ghana and Portugal…ok, maybe I’m dreaming a little.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best places to go watch a game, or 20, starting Thursday. This is definitely a great summer to catch an afternoon match and get caught up in the fun that is international sport and the World Cup!



Luca’s Tap Room

Luca’s is always a good choice for watching any sporting event. They have good food, great drinks, and a fantastic atmosphere. And if you work downtown you can totally go watch the games during lunch…don’t tell your boss.


Barclay’s Pub

It’s all in the name. Barclay’s is already a soccer establishment in Oakland and they are definitely going to hold true to that for the World Cup.  Good food, rotating beers, and already ready for soccer. They will be opening up early for some of the 9am games too! Definitely a great place to go catch a game. The other great thing about this place is that it is family friendly, so you can get your kids into soccer too. :p


McNally’s Irish Pub

McNally’s is just a good place to watch any kind of sports, and that will be even more true during the World Cup. They will be open for all of the games. Nothing brings people together like a Guinness at 9am.


Room 389

Room 389 is a little more of a chill place to go to watch some World Cup action. However, they are pretty serious about their soccer and will be open for every game as well! They are also a cafe, so if the prospect of a beer so early is a little too much for you, you can have your morning coffee and watch some soccer.

Most of the World Cup games are going to be at perfectly respectable hours…well, all of them really. So no excuses. Catch a game, drink a beer, and make new friends!

If you are in the city or in Berkeley here are a few other suggestions:


– Albatross Pub
– Triple Rock Brewery
– The Starry Plough
– Beta Lounge

San Francisco

– Maggie McGarry’s
– Mad Dog In The Fog
– The Kezar Pub

And, if you want to plan out your World Cup watching experience, here’s the first and second round schedule.

First Round Schedule:
Brazil vs Croatia 1pm

Mexico vs Cameroon 9am
Spain vs Netherlands  12pm
Chile vs Australia  3pm

Colombia vs Greece  9am
Uruguay vs Costa Rica  12pm
England vs Italy  3pm
Ivory Coast vs Japan  6pm

Switzerland vs Ecuador  9am
France vs Honduras  12pm
Argentina vs Bosnia and Herzegovina  3pm

Germany vs Portugal  9am
Iran vs Nigeria  12pm
Ghana vs US 3pm

Belgium vs Algeria  9am
Brazil vs Mexico  12pm
Russia vs Korea Republic  3pm

Australia vs Netherlands  9am
Spain vs Chile  12pm
Cameroon vs Croatia  3pm

Colombia vs Ivory Coast  9am
Uruguay vs England 12pm
Japan vs Greece  3pm

Italy vs Costa Rica  9am
Switzerland vs France  12pm
Honduras vs Equador  3pm

Argentina vs Iran  9am
Germany vs Ghana  12pm
Nigeria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina  3pm

Belgium vs Russia 9am
Korea Republic vs Algeria 12pm
USA vs Portugal 3pm

Netherlands vs Chile  9am
Australia vs Spain  9am
Cameroon vs Brazil  1pm
Croatia vs Mexico 1pm

Italy vs Uruguay  9am
Costa Rica vs England  9am
Japan vs Colombia  1pm
Greece vs Ivory Coast  1pm

Nigeria vs Argentina  9am
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iran  9am
Honduras vs Switzerland  1pm
Ecuador vs France  1pm

Portugal vs Ghana  9am
USA vs Germany  9am
Korea Republic vs Belgium  1pm
Algeria vs Russia  1pm

Second Round Schedule:

1A vs 2B  9am
1C vs 2D  1pm

1B vs 2A  9am
1D vs 2C  1pm

1E vs 2F  9am
1G vs 2H  1pm

1F vs 2E  9am
1H vs 2G 1pm

Written by Lesley

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