Ok. I admit it. I’ve gone over-board with this coffee tour list. It’s my inner coffee lover taking over…I just couldn’t choose! I have broken it down by neighborhood though, so choose a neighborhood every month and use coffee as an awesome excuse to explore perhaps? I know I’m going to.

Jack London Square



Peerless Coffee Company

260 Oak Street, Oakland
Coffee Bar: M-F 6:30am-10 am  Retail Gift Store: M-F 8:30am-5:30pm Sat 9am-5pm

To be fully honest, Peerless makes this list because I am terribly curious about it and want an excuse to go see what it’s all about. And it is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Oakland! It was established in 1924 (90 years old!) by a Yugoslavian immigrant names John Vukasin and is still run by his grandson. This is a true family run Oakland success and I can’t wait to go try it straight from the source.


Blue Bottle Brooklyn

Blue Bottle Coffee Company

300 Webster Street, Oakland
M-F 7am-5:30pm | Sat&Sun 8am-5:30pm | Free Public Tastings Sundays and Tuesdays 2pm

Next stop on our tour is the ever delightful Blue Bottle Coffee Company, just down the way from Peerless. While much newer than Peerless to the Oakland coffee scene, Blue Bottle has quickly become a bay area darling in it’s 12 years of existence. (And I wholeheartedly concur with the Bluebottle love.)



Bicycle Coffee Co.

364 2nd Street, Oakland
M-F 8am-5pm Free coffee on Fridays!

Last up in our Jack London part of this tour is Bicycle Coffee Co. True to their name they deliver their coffee by, you guessed it, bicycle. They started their venture in 2011 and quickly became beloved, having their beans roasted in many shops all across the bay area. Head on down to their roast house on Fridays for a free cup of joe. Or better yet! Go find them at the Grand Lake Farmers Market.




Sweet Bar

2355 Broadway, Oakland
M-Sat 8am-7pm Sun 9am-5pm

Sweet Bar Bakery is a great cafe to just hang out and do some work in, have a good (refillable) cup of coffee and some delicious baked goods. They took over the Historic MacFarlanes Candy and Ice Cream space and have made it a delectable stop in the uptown.




33 Grand Avenue, Oakland
M-F 7am-9pm Sat-Sun 8am-9pm

Farley’s was founded in the city in 1988 and has made it’s way over to the uptown district. It is seemingly always bustling with life and has a, let’s hang out eat panini’s and be cool kind of vibe to it around lunch time. They serve De La Paz coffee and is a place that is definitely on my Oakland coffee to drink list.

Grand Lake


Boot and Shoe Latte

Boot and Shoe Service

3308 Grand Avenue, Oakland
Cafe Hours: T-F 7am-2pm, Sat-Sun 8am-2pm

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, I’m sure you are super surprised this place is on my list. (I really will use any excuse to rave about them won’t I?) They serve Four Barrel Coffee, it’s as brick-walled and cute as can be, and the baristas are the nicest. Their brunch is killer too…along with everything else. Ok, I’ll move on.


Grand Fare

3265 Grand Avenue, Oakland
Sun-Wed 7am-6pm Thurs-Sat 7am-7pm

Grand Fare is still solidifying it’s identity and will continue to go through some big changes over the next year but the idea is starting to come together and I am very excited to see where it goes next. For now though they have comfy furniture, great pastries, and fantastic Linea coffee. They add to their menu all the time and have brought in a pop-up flower shop who sells beautiful bouquets for $20 during the week and has a full fledged shop set up out front on the weekends. (Complete with sidewalk chalk for the kiddos!)

Temescal/Jewelry Box/Piedmont Avenue Area (Yeah, yeah I put them all together…)



Beauty’s Bagel Shop

3838 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
T-F 7am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

Beauty’s Bagel Shop is of course known for it’s bagels, but it’s coffee is delightful as well and should definitely be on your list of places to hit up. They serve Flying Goat Coffee and keep it reasonable and simple.



The Cro Cafe

Temescal Alley
Everyday 7am-6pm

Cro cafe is being hailed as the hipsters paradise. With Sightglass beans and rave reviews this is a place I would definitely like to try and should probably be on a coffee lover’s list. What started as a coffee cart, Cro has found it’s home in Temescal Alley. They do pour overs, expresso, and tea from local sources and it seems like a great place to grab some coffee as you go exploring Temescal.



Timeless Coffee Roasters

4252 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
Everyday 8am-6pm

Timeless Coffee Roasters has helped to fill the hipster/ good coffee void on Piedmont Avenue. Ok…not really void. There are some great places to get coffee on Piedmont Ave, but this one seems to have embraced the smooth, coffee art, flavor first ideals that is one of the best things hipster culture has provided us with. Can’t wait to try this place!


Bittersweet Cafe, College Avenue


5427 College Avenue, Oakland
M-W 8am-7pm Th-F 8am-pm Sat 9am-9pm Sun 9am-7pm

Bittersweet is all about the chocolate. Get a mocha here, there are many varieties, and enjoy the chocolateiness. In terms of coffee they roast their own beans, and they take great care with all they do. Definitely check it out.



Highwire Coffee Roasters

5655 College Avenue, Oakland
M-F 6:30am-8pm Sat 7:30am-7pm Sun 7:30-6pm

Highwire Coffee Roasters is located in Market Hall by Rockridge BART and is consistently a delight. They have amazing coffee and quite possibly the nicest baristas in Oakland. (And Market Hall bakery is literally across the floor. Does it get any better?)


cole coffee beans

Cole Coffee

6255 College Avenue
Everyday 7am-pm

Cole Coffee has the best selection of drip coffee in my opinion. They have an entire menu for their pour overs and it is so fun to go in and try something new every time. While it has a tiny interior there is lots of seating out doors and is a great place to hang out in the sun with a good book and delicious coffee!

Written by Lesley

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