Sweet Bar is a relatively new bakery in the downtown Oakland area and has a great atmosphere for work or getting together with friends. It feels a little like coffee shops did when they first became crazy popular. Nice and open with plenty of tables and lots of light. It’s on Broadway so there is plenty of hustle and bustle outside  (great for people and car watching), but inside there is great music and a calm about the place. I found it very hard not to sing along to every song that was played in the two hours I spent there last Sunday, lots of classics to suit almost anyone’s musical taste.

In terms of food they have a plethora of baked goods, from your standard cupcakes to a polenta berry cake that just might change your life. The granola with milk or yogurt is delicious and full of protein and anti-oxidants and is definitely a good sized meal. If you are someone who is looking for a nice gluten free or vegan snack they have many items on their menu to serve those needs and are some of their more popular dishes.


Sweet Bar Bakery

2355 Broadway                                                                                                                                                                               Oakland

Written by Lesley

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