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Does it ever drive you crazy when you go to the movies and it costs you like $15 just to get in? For me as a frequent movie goer, it is the absolute worst. I love the movies and the great thing about Oakland, and the Bay Area in general, is that there is such an array of unique places to see a good movie and avoid the big box office prices. The Grand Lake Theater is one of those  movie houses, and their matinee prices go all the way until 6pm. They show a variety of films, from the big summer blockbusters, to small independent films, and even on occasion will have a one day only showing of an old classic, a Rialto Cinemas tradition.

The Grand Lake Theater was opened on Grand Avenue on March 6, 1926 as a Vaudeville Show and Silent Movie House and the moment you walk in the marble floored entry you can feel the history. It has of course been expanded since to make it a multiplex theater, but each expansion was done with the history and ambiance that the original theater had. If you are willing to pay the $10 regular evening prices on a Friday or Saturday night, I strongly recommend you arrive early. On those evenings, there is a playing of the old Wurlitzer organ from the silent movie days before certain shows and it is a perfect addition to your movie going experience. This theater, especially with the organ music, makes you feel as though you stepped back into the late 1920’s when going to the theater was an art in itself.


The Grand Lake Theater

3200 Grand Avenue                                                                                                                                                                               Oakland

Written by Lesley

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