KQED has a wonderful little video segment on Lake Merritt, it tells the story of the lake, beginning with the fact that it’s not really a lake, its a Slough. What’s a slough? It’s a swampy marsh with several creeks running into it. We learn some interesting tidbits;┬áLake Merritt is the first Wildlife refuge in the country, and that apparently some people did indeed swim in the lake (circa 1870s).

An adorable little girl poses the question, what will it take to make the lake swimmable? Well, a UC Berkeley professor has a whole song written about it…see it here

Written by Nicole



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Hello there Jetta!

Thanks for your kind words! As of now, we don’t have guest posts. Let us know if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see more of on our site. Thanks!


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