The Ramen Shop is a small menu restaurant that was started by a couple of Chez Panisse  alumni not too long ago in the Rockridge area that serves delicious noodles and scrumptious drinks. Beware however, that it is definitely an “in” place to go for dinner right now and as they do not take reservations, wait times can be a bit long at peak dinner times.

According to their website, The Ramen Shop strives to be a “a purveyor of artistic, organic and sustainable ramen in Oakland” and I definitely believe they achieve that. The menu changes daily given what they have brought into the shop that day and generally only has three entres on the menu with one always being vegetarian/vegan friendly. Each bowl of ramen comes with half a hard boiled egg (although you can always request not to have one) which in my opinion makes the dish. It soaks up all of the juices from the broth and has incredible flavor. The noodles are cooked to perfection and each bite is saturated with herbs and spices.

Just in case the food isn’t enough for you, you must try the drinks. They have fantastic, friendly, bartenders who make  creative cocktails that are not to be missed. The perfectly cubed ice is also a good example of their attention to detail. If you haven’t filled yourself to the brim with noodles and drinks, I would strongly recommend the black sesame ice cream. It will make you wonder why all ice cream doesn’t come in a cookie shell.


The Ramen Shop

5812 College Ave,                                                                                                                                                                           Oakland



Written by Lesley

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