If you are an east coast transplant, or just someone who has spent a significant amount of time travelling the other side of our nation (not time-travelling, although I’m sure that would apply too), you know that while most would consider this the “best” coast, we are still learning on one very specific front…bagels. The west coast is lacking in the availability of locally made, delicious bagels. Never fear Oaklanders, the bagel revolution has started and we get to reap the rewards. There have been a great deal of bagel shops opening in Oakland in recent years, and if you are looking for a delicious Montreal style bagel look no further than Beauty’s Bagel Shop.

Beauty’s Bagel Shop hand makes their Montreal style eats throughout the day so you are guaranteed a fresh, usually warm, bagel. They have diverse menu serving everything from plain bagels to incredible bagel sandwiches. Personally I stay with the classic with lox and capers but they have a variety to suit any craving. They also serve delicious Flying Goat Coffee out of Healdsburg which is nice and strong but not too bitter.

Beauty’s Bagel Shop

3838 Telegraph Avenue                                                                                                                                         Oakland, California 94609

Written by Lesley

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