It’s about to get all cheesy up in here. And I am not even sorry. Happy Thanksgiving!

It is the season of thankfulness. And we here at Live Love Oakland have so much to be grateful for this year. From our awesome families, to the fact that we get to live in one of the greatest places in the world. We hope your Thanksgiving is full of love and thankfulness. Here’s some reasons we are super grateful for Oakland:


1.) The People – Oakland is chalk-full of interesting and inspiring people. Sure, there is some craziness. And sometimes the hipsters  make you question the necessity of all things cool. But all in all, Oakland is host to some seriously creative, hardworking, innovative people and is so diverse it’s impossible to keep up with it all. I love that on any given day you can learn something new from someone around you no matter where you go in Oakland. And so Oakland, thank you for your residents. They are made of awesome.

1-A16-rockridge-rachetta-thumb-300xauto-62542.) The Food – I mean, I don’t actually think we talk enough about the food in Oakland on this blog… The reason food is always on our mind when talking about Oakland though is because it is so good. You can quite literally have almost any kind of food you can imagine somewhere in this city. And you know, it’s probably going to be good. You can jump from super high brow, foodie places like Commis and Penrose to down home comfort food like Chompa Garden and Miss Ollie’s anytime you’d like. Oakland’s food culture is as diverse as it’s people and we are so grateful Oakland. So grateful.

photos-cocktail3.) The Drinks – But what is all that good food without and excellent cocktail or beer? I mean really now. Thankfully Oakland has us uber covered. From beer gardens with taps for days to super classy bars with unique cocktails, you can get your drink on almost anywhere in the city and find exactly what your heart desires. And you can probably do it with some awesome people and delicious food.



4.) The Views – It is constantly amazing how beautiful Oakland is. I am the first to admit that when I met here I was scared and thought everything was a little grimy. And well, it’s a city. Of course there is grime! But there are also incredible parks, an estuary and bay who’s sunsets will blow you away, and the hills that look over it all providing greenery and variety. But even if you take away all of it’s natural beauty, Oakland is incredible to look at. The architecture never gets old and is so vast, and the art that covers the sidewalks, buildings, and shops is so inspiring. From gnomes to murals, Ocean’s to Redwoods this place truly is lovely.

photo5.) The Little Things – I think for every person who loves Oakland there are little things that make you stop and make you appreciate it at any given moment. Silly little things like flowers growing through the sidewalk, or hearts in your latte, that are so easy to take for granted or expect because they are everyday occurrences here. But we are so lucky to live in a place where little awesome things like that are so commonplace and I am so thankful. What are your little things you love about Oakland?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May it be full of wonderful food, people, and little moments.

Written by Lesley

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