Children’s Fairyland along with Oaklandish present it’s fundraiser of Fairyland for Adults is this Friday 8/14  from 7-10pm, and it is bound to be a crazy good time. Besides the yearly gala which is more cost prohibitive, it is the one time of year that adults can enter through the shoe without accompanying a child. There is free wine and beer, and a plethora of food trucks, dancing, and fun. The event is sold out, but people do buy them in groups and sometimes have left overs so check around your friend group and see if anyone has an extra. It’s totally worth it!

In honor of this great fundraiser, we have come up with 5 fun facts about Fairyland that we think everyone should know:

  1. The park opened in 1950, making it 65 years young. This means that it is in awesome company with the likes of Bill Murray, Stevie Wonder, and Cybill Shepherd.
  2. When it opened admission cost between 9-14 cents, depending on your age. The admission of adults only when accompanied by a child rule has been prevalent from the beginning.
  3. Dorothy Manes, Fairyland’s first executive director was hired by Walt Disney as Disneyland’s youth director.
  4. The Open Storybook Puppet Theater is the oldest continuously operating puppet theater in the United States.
  5. Frank Oz who performed as some of the most major puppet characters of our generation including Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster, and most importantly Yoda, worked as an apprentice puppeteer in the park as a teenager.

The park has been fostering imagination for 65 years and we hope it will continue to do so for a long time to come. Happy Fairyland for Adults! Have fun and be safe!

Written by Lesley

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